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The Joy of Six: AFL rallying cries

Russell Jackson: From Terry Wallace's spew to a country coach special via Ron Barassi, half-a-dozen memorable footy speeches... More »

World news

South Australia and Tasmania elections – as it happened

South Australia and Tasmania have gone to the polls on Saturday, with Labor governments in both states facing a tough battle to hang onto power. Join our live blog for updates as they happen.... More »


Nick Clegg: 'Nigel Farage wants to turn the clock back'

In an interview the Liberal Democrat leader spells out plans to tackle Ukip by stressing benefits of EU membership... More »


UK should expect first interest rate rise in spring 2015, BoE policymaker warns - as it happened

Social networking stuns Wall Street with its biggest move yet, swooping on mobile messaging site to secure its future... More »

World news

How France became a rich hypochondriac

José Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, labelled the country a 'malade imaginaire', because the French are doing themselves down despite 'dazzling global success'... More »

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What the builders' yellow digger tells us about our manufacturing malaise | Aditya Chakrabortty

Aditya Chakrabortty: The coalition bangs on about rebalancing the economy but tweaking won't do it... More »

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Obama's speech: the media verdict | Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy: Politically astute, the president's address won grudging praise from critics, but was too passionless to influence his doubters... More »


Tony Blair's speech - live

2.15pm: We're expecting Tony Blair's speech early in the afternoon session, which is just about to begin. Matthew Tempest has told us what to expect and I'll be following it in this post as it happens.... More »


Full text of Damian Green's speech

The following is the text of the speech made by the shadow education secretary Damian Green to the National Association of School Masters Union of Women Teachers' conference in Bournemouth... More »

UK news

Tony Blair's conference speech 2005

Thank you for the hard work, faith and courage that means I stand before you as the first leader in the Labour party's history to win three full consecutive terms in office.... More »

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"Malaise Speech"

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