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How Ebola is challenging the 'Africa rising' narrative

If Africa – given its wealth of human and natural resources – cannot contain Ebola, then we must accept that the continent is not developing as fast as we thought, writes Fungai Machirori... More »


Study reveals how UK newspapers cover explosive events abroad

The Guardian gives most coverage, the Daily Mail the least... More »

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Ebola crisis: infected US doctor receives intensive treatment in Liberia

Dr Kent Brantly is talking with doctors and working at computer but is 'not out of the woods yet'... More »


The forgotten story of … Robert Maxwell’s 1986 Commonwealth Games

Edinburgh ‘86 was crippled by boycotts and lack of funding until the media mogul stepped in to save the day … or so it seemed... More »

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Morning Mail: Gaza death toll rises, carbon tax repeal set to pass

Guardian Australia's morning news briefing from around the web... More »

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Seven arrested at Nigerian newspaper

Journalists detained at The Nation following publication of a letter... More »


Nigeria: The happiest place on earth

Nigeria is beset by poverty, corruption and violence – but a poll says it is the world's most optimistic nation. Bim Adewunmi explains why... More »

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Nigeria's president fights for survival as nation turns against party of power

Goodluck Jonathan may win election despite the unpopularity of the People's Democratic party... More »

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Fatwa is issued on Nigerian journalist

An Islamist state government in northern Nigeria has issued a fatwa urging Muslims to kill the British-educated author of the newspaper article on the Miss World contest which triggered three days of religious rioting that left more than 220 people dead. ... More »

Adam Smith International partner zone

The case for development assistance to Nigeria

Why helping Nigeria to grow its economy and develop its infrastructure is very much in Britain's national interest... More »

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"The Nation Newspaper Nigeria"

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